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I will have a dozen new art works at David Leonardis Gallery, 1346 N. Paulina (just north of Milwaukee Avenue), Chicago, Illinois, from December 4, 2009 through February 4, 2010. The gallery will be showing a number of different artists. I will attend receptions at the gallery in December and in January; in December, the receptions are Friday, December 4; Friday, December 11; and Saturday, December 19, all from 6 to 10 PM.

Quarry 1: Times Square 3, Grids 3.3 (2009)
13.6 X 18.1 inches, printed borderless

My digital prints at the gallery will be from an entirely new group, Quarry 1: Times Square, based on images I took in 2005. I have also begun Quarry 2: Illinois Forest

Quarry 2: Illinois Forest 2, Grids 4.1 (2009)
13.6 X 18.1 inches, printed borderless

and Quarry 3: Power Lines, and will have works from both of these at the receptions.

Quarry 3: Power Lines 2, Grids 7.1
13.6 X 18.1 inches, printed borderless

If you are in Chicago, I hope you can attend one of the receptions; if you know someone in the Chicago area who might be interested, please let them know, and refer them to this announcement, at, to my site at, and to the gallery site.

Each "Quarries" sheet is a separate work, and an edition of one. My idea for "editions of one" is that they speak to the desire for uniqueness, while also arguing that many different arrangements can be equally true. Each of the "Grids," which represents most of the pieces completed thus far, is a rearrangement of all the parts of a single image, made with a controlled use of randomness. My idea behind randomness here is, I believe, different from the use of it in much other art, and I hope you will agree that these works are, in an art world awash in derivatives of derivatives, original in conception and execution. I try to make the case for the originality of my intention and execution in my artist's statement, which is on my site. I hope you can find the time to read it.

For each of the "Grids," an image is "quarried," that is, divided into rectangular grids of between two by two and thirteen by thirteen rectangular parts. When these parts, or "cells," are rearranged, a panoply of possibilities is opened up. Occasionally two adjacent "cells" are continuous. Often lines appear to continue from one to the next. Often, juxtapositions of cells look to me as if I have made them intentionally. Even more often there are surprising contrasts, discontinuities, and breaks What emerges, I hope, from this great variety of connections is an opening-out effect; a sense that all possibilities are included; a feeling that maybe, just perhaps, some of the purposeful chaos of the cosmos itself is flowing through each rearranged image.

I've also begun a different type of "Quarries" work, called "Twos".

Quarry 1: Times Square 1, Twos 12.7 (2009)
5.7 X 3.8 inches, printed borderless

The "Twos" do not use randomness at all. Each is an arrangement I have made of two of the fragments or "cells" from one of the grids, paired to interact in what I hope are surprising and dynamic ways.

If you are in the New York City area, I will be there for about five or six days beginning January 1, and will have examples of these "Quarries," and a few newer pieces from Venues 1: Terian Center, with me.

Venues 1: Terian Center, Trios 3.1 (2009), by Fred Camper
Paper size 29.1 X 29.1 inches; image size 26.1 X 26.1 inches

If you are in neither Chicago or New York, but are especially interested in a work of mine, please get in touch; I may be able to arrange to send you an unframed and possibly a bit worn "exhibition copy" for your examination.

Fred Camper

Fred Camper art     Complete Fred Camper art