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Likenesses 2: Karen, Remade 3.1 (2010), by Fred Camper
This work is a diptych. This page shows the larger panel. To make this work, a photo was divided into a grid whose parts were carefully rearranged, and most cells in the grid were reduced in resolution in varying ways, and six such grids were then juxtaposed. The smaller panel shows the original photograph together with the original grid. It is acceptable to hang one panel without the other, but preferable to hang them both together, if possible between about five inches and two feet apart.
Larger panel: Paper size, 35.3 X 41.5 inches; image size, 31.3 X 37.5 inches.
Smaller panel: Paper size 17.6 X 27.0 inches; image size 15.6 X 12.5 inches.
Archival ink on archival paper (Epson UltraChrome K3 Inks on Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper)
Unique edition of one
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