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Quarries, Recuts

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Quarries, begun in 2009, is the largest of my various projects in terms of the number of works. Many Quarry pieces are based on a single image, which yields as many as eighteen different types of works. One of the most recent of these is Recuts, a group of diptychs in which the image is digitally cut into rectangles of various shapes, which are then resized and combined, in the smaller panel, into a synthetic, collage-like, misplaced-jigsaw-puzzle reconstitution of the original image. In the larger panel, this design is repeated four times, but with each rectangle presented in one of 52 different versions, only one of them the original and the other 51 in varying degrees of reduced resolution. Which of these 52 versions are used is determined with random numbers, but none is repeated in a particular work.