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Below is a description of the version of this lecture-screening presented at Chicago Filmmakers in 1998 (and which I had previously presented for the first time at the San Francisco Cinematheque and Filmforum Los Angeles in 1996, and also at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2001). More recently, I presented another version together with a related program,Cinema and Industry, in Naples, Italy, on October 21 and 22, 2002, as part of a six-program series sponsored by E-M Arts. The catalogue for Independent Film Show, 2nd edition, includes my and others' comments on the films and filmmakers in the two programs I curated, and my essay titled Nature, Industry, and Cinema, which is my fullest statement on this topic as of 2002. There are also essays by Bruno Di Marino, Thomas Draschan, and Stefano Masi, and information about the films and filmmakers in all the programs in this six-program series sponsored by E-M Arts. All the texts in the catalogue are in both English and Italian, and it can be purchased for 15 Euros plus shipping from E-M Arts.

Fred Camper will present a program of short experimental and documentary films along with slides of works by nature-oriented artists. Camper will discuss filmmakers' and artists' conceptions of nature, offering a critique of the way nature is represented - or misrepresented - in much of Western art. By showing the films The Wold Shadow (1972, 2.5 mins., Stan Brakhage), Creation (1979, 16 mins., Stan Brakhage), A Navajo Weaver (1966, 22 mins., Susie Benally), Seven Days (1974, 20 mins., Chris Welsby), and Le Tempestaire (1947, 23 mins., Jean Epstein), along with slides of the works of artists Tom Thomson, Julia Fish, Tom Czarnopys, and Michael Paha, Camper will explore the ways different independent filmmakers and artists approach nature and geography, with an emphasis on films and art works that try to see beyond the usual uses of nature as a metaphor for human emotions, or raw material for human use: glimpsing it also as something that exists outside human consciousness.

This program is part of Chicago Filmmakers' "Talking Pictures" series and is presented by Chicago Filmmakers and co-sponsored by the Chicago Historical Society.

Tuesday, October 20, 7:00 PM, Chicago Historical Society, 1601 N. Clark St. For more information call 773-384-5533.

Admission for the Talking Pictures programs is $8.00 general, $6.00 for Chicago Filmmakers and Chicago Historical Society members.

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